Contact:  Lt. Paul Garrison  541-617-3380


What is the Deschutes County alarm ordinance?


Do I need to register my alarm with the Sheriff's Office?

No registration with our office is available.


Do I need an alarm permit through the Sheriff's Office?

No permit is needed.


How many false alarms am I allowed in a 12-month period before I am fined by the Sheriff's Office?

You get two (2) false alarms in a 12-month period before you are fined $100.00.


Who should I contact if I continually get false alarm activations?

First, contact your alarm company so they can address the issues with the false alarms.

Second, contact Lt. Paul Garrison at the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office at 541-617-3380 and advise him that you are in contact with your alarm company and you are working on the alarm problem.