Reporting Problem Barking

What can I do about a barking dog?

Deschutes County Code 6.08.50 defines a nuisance as when an animal, other than livestock, is a nuisance if:

  • Bites, injures or attacks a person;
  • Chases vehicles or persons; 
  • Damages or destroys property of person; 
  • Scatters garbage; 
  • Trespasses on private property; 
  • Disturbs any person by frequent or prolonged noises; 
  • Places a person in reasonable fear of imminent physical injury, when the incident takes place off the premises of the animal’s owner; 
  • Injures or kills an animal or fowl belonging to a person other than the owner or keeper of the animal; 
  • Is found to be at large.

Therefore you could report the problem and request a Deputy Sheriff by calling (541) 693-6911. They will respond and investigate your complaint.

The deputy will only be able to take enforcement action if the problem is still occurring in their presence. You can, as a citizen, request to sign a citation if you are the witness to the nuisance and can identify which dog was barking. This will require that you go to court and prove your own case if the dog owner pleads not guilty.

(Tips for preventing your dog from barking.)