How long does it take to get my permit?

ORS 166.292 states that the Sheriffs Office has 45 days, from the date of application, to approve or deny an application. We will mail either the permit or a letter stating reasons for denial within that time.

How long is the permit valid?

The permit is valid for four (4) years from the date of issuance, unless cancelled or revoked during that time. A renewal notice will be sent to you for your convenience.

What do I do if I move?

ORS 807.110 (3) requires a DMV license contain the residence address of the person to whom the license is issued. You are required to change your CHL address within the same 30 days of moving. Failure to do so could result in revocation.

If you have moved to, or within, Deschutes County, you must change your address with DMV prior to changing your CHL address. You will be asked to bring in your valid Oregon Driver’s License that reflects your new address.

If you move out of Deschutes County you must apply in the county in which you reside.