“Take Care
     Be Aware”

Awareness and Personal Protection


Take Care Be Aware PSA




Situational Awareness

It's a frame of mind in which you are aware of your surroundings and also aware of whom or what could be of help to you if a problem were to arise.

“Your ability to observe the things around you and make decisions about your actions based on your interpretation of what you observe.”



General Colin Powell’s “40-70 Rule”

Once your information about the problem and your self assessment of the probability of being correct are within the 40%-70% range, go with your gut feeling.

We interpret this rule to mean that you shouldn’t take decisive action if you have less than a 40% chance of being right, and if you delay until you have all the facts to be 100% certain, it might be too late.


What if………. What do you do?

Somebody is in your “social space” (4’ -12’) and is threatening you with a weapon?

Call 9-1-1 if you can
Remain calm
Speak calmly
Listen attentively
Make yourself a person instead of a object
Begin tactical breathing
Begin planning to fight for your life
Follow instructions of your threat
Stall for time
Watch for a chance to escape
Do not close distance attempt to disarm them


Message from Sheriff Larry Blanton

"The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office is proud to offer the citizens of Deschutes County an awareness and personal protection class. These days, it’s critical we all pay attention to the unusual, the out of place. It’s an unsettled world around us. Take care and be aware,” Sheriff Larry Blanton.