Oregon Safety Belt Overtime Campaign- Results

Date: 3/3/2015

Oregon Safety Belt Overtime Campaign- Results Oregon Safety Belt Overtime Campaign
Deschutes County (Feb 9, through Feb 22, 2015)
BY: Sgt. Kevin Dizney

The Oregon Safety Belt Overtime Campaign is a statewide selective traffic enforcement program that seeks to reduce the number of motor vehicle-related deaths and injuries by increasing public awareness of laws regarding the three most prevalent factors contributing to traffic crash injuries: safety restraint use, speed, and impaired drivers.

A statewide observation survey in June 2014 found 98% of Oregon’s motoring public using safety belts.

The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office increased traffic patrols during daylight hours for the purpose of enforcing seatbelt and child restraint violations during this two week campaign. Oregon law requires children less than forty pounds be restrained in a child seat. Children under one year or weighing less than twenty pounds must be restrained in a rear-facing child seat. A child over forty pounds must be restrained in either a child seat or a booster seat appropriate for their size until they reach age eight or 4’9” tall AND the adult belt system fits them correctly.

The sheriff’s office also focused on watching for driver’s operating cell phones and/or texting while driving. Driver’s who are texting while driving are 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash than driver’s who are focused on driving.

During the campaign, overtime patrols issued warning and/or citations including 27 seatbelt violations, 24 speed violations, 2 driving while suspended violations, 1 DUII crash investigation, and 4 texting while driving violations. Additionally,51 other violations were contacted. These violations are in addition to those encountered by deputies working regular patrol shifts.

As always, the sheriff’s office encourages all drivers to be mindful of traffic laws designed to keep all motorists safe while working or enjoying Central Oregon.

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