Civil Service Fees


Civil Services Fees
The Sheriff’s fees are set by State law, Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 21.300, or by county ordinance.

We accept Cash (exact amount), Checks made out to the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office (DCSO), and Credit or Debit Cards ($1.00 fee).

Small Claims, Summons/Complaint or Petition, Eviction Summons/Complaint, Notice of Restitution, Civil Subpoena, Citation, Orders or other notice process not listed (this includes out-of-state child support) :

1-2 Parties, same address - $50.00 
3 Parties, same address ($28.00 each party) - $84.00
4 Parties, same address ($28.00 each party) - $112.00
5 Parties, same address ($28.00 each party) - $140.00
*For service over 75 miles round trip from Bend, the fees are an additional $50.00. These areas are Millican, Hampton, Brothers, East Lake, Paulina and the Cascade Lakes region beyond Mt. Bachelor.
 **In eviction processes, Et al or All others is charged as 1 party.

Writ of Garnishment: $25.00
-        If garnishment is for service at a bank then a $15.00 check payable to the bank must be included.
Writ of Execution/Assistance: $89.00
-        Additional fees for service, Civil Technician time and Deputy time spent, along with other possible fees associated with the execution of these orders as allowed by ORS Chapter 18 will be calculated on a case by case basis. Please contact the Civil Unit for a quote.
Writ/Order of Assistance (Law Enforcement Assistance for recovery of children in a civil case): No Charge

Eviction/Writ of Execution on Judgment of Restitution: Sheriff’s assistance in removing and trespassing tenants from the property. Final step of the eviction process.

No. of Defendants (as listed on the writ) ​- Cost ($89.00 enforcement fee plus service listed above)

1 - $139.00
2 - $139.00
3 - $173.00
4 - $201.00
5 - $229.00
6 - $257.00
Real Property Sale Conveyance Fees

Certificate of Sale ($56.00 + $10.00 Notary fee) - $66.00
Deed ($56.00 + 10.00 Notary fee) - $66.00

Real Property Sales: See our Property Sales page for more information on processes and fees.

Civil Unit Contact Information:
Address: 63333 W Hwy 20, Bend, OR 97703
Phone: 541-388-6640
Fax: 541-389-1928

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