Administrative Departments provides a wide variety of services. Functions such as Finance, human resource management, information technology, communications management, and fleet maintenance. These services provide the back bone of the organization.

Business Manager

The Business Manager provides fiscal, budget and administrative assistance and oversight to the county, provides coordination of all internal department financial information in order to assure the availability, compatibility, continuity and integrity of such information.

Finance Administers

Finance administers an integrated system of cost accounting and financial reporting which accurately and systematically accounts for all revenues, receipts, resources and property of the agency.

The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office Fiscal Year 2017 budget is $46,311,947 and includes 227.5 employees.

Deschutes County Sheriff Office Budget and Audit Page

Human Resources

Human Resources has the responsibility of recruitment, position classification and compensation, testing, employee performance evaluations, personnel rules development and implementation, record keeping, employee benefits, labor contract compliance and administration, and coordination of the process for resolving employee disputes. View our current career opportunities.

Information Technology

Information Technology is the central nervous system of the Sheriff’s Office. They provide comprehensive solutions and expertise in the development and deployment of existing as well as new technologies. Computer experts offer the Sheriff’s Office a user helpdesk service, PDA support, mobile computers in patrol cars and radio support, desktop computer support, law enforcement systems support, and data security.

Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance maintains over 180 vehicles for DCSO including the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Unit.  Vehicles include patrol cars, animal control vehicles, jail transport vans, training vehicles, command vehicles; and, search and rescue vehicles, boats, snowmobiles and trailers.

In addition to performing regular maintenance on all vehicles (every 4,000 miles) the fleet crew also provides patrol car road-side assistance, generators and lights at major crime scenes, pit crews for Emergency Vehicle Operators Classes, and vehicle logistics and on-site vehicle maintenance at wildfire command posts.

The vehicle maintenance shop is equipped with 4 auto bays with 2 additional bays for tire changes. Patrol vehicles use studded tires during the winter months.

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