Animals Available for Adoption

These animals are available for immediate adoption from Deschutes County Sheriff's Office. If you're interested in adopting an animal, please fill out a Livestock Adoption Application. Deschutes County Sheriff's Office does NOT charge an adoption fee for any of these animals, however, potential adopters must complete an adoption application and pass a criminal history background check. In addition, an on-site inspection of a potential adopter's facilities will be completed to ensure that an adopted animal can be adequately cared for. The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office also reserves the right to "spot check" any adopted animals for a period of one (1) year to ensure their continuing health and welfare.  Community members needing more information or interested in adopting one of our animals can contact Technician Mariya Leufven at 541-588-0869.

We also encourage you to view additional horses available for adoption at Equine Outreach, Three Sisters Equine Refuge, the Oregon Humane Society, Humane Society of Central Oregon, or Brightside Animal Center.



Jesse is an approximately 9 year old Kinder/Nigerian wether. Jesse enjoys spending time with people and is up to date on vaccinations and deworming.



Gold Dust:

Gold Dust is mid to late twenty year old stallion who came to us last fall due to owner passing away. He needed medical attention at the time of arrival and since being at the ranch has blossomed. Gold Dust has some medical conditions that will need to be addressed but otherwise he is a healthy old man who enjoys attention. Gold Dust acts more like a gelding but becomes excited when around mares. Ideal home for Gold Dust would be one with no mares. Geldings are ok. 

Gold Dust would be a perfect horse for someone who has an older horse and needs a companion. Gold Dust had his teeth floated in fall of 2020, up to date on vaccination and deworming. Gold Dust stands for farrier and is a gentleman during vet visits.





Durango is still looking for a home. Durango is no longer a ram and is enjoying his days as a wether. Durango is up do date on his vaccinations and deworming. Durango is approx 2 years old now.



Penelope and Pepe Le Pew:

Penelope and Pepe Le Pew are available for adoption. They came to us when their owner passed away and have settled in great. Penelope and Pepe Le Pew will need to be adopted together as they have spent majority of their lives together. Penelope is pregnant and is due to have a kid this spring. Penelope and Pepe Le Pew are current on their deworming and vaccinations. Both are around a year old.



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