Animals Available for Adoption

These animals are available for immediate adoption from Deschutes County Sheriff's Office. If you're interested in adopting an animal, please fill out a Livestock Adoption Application. Deschutes County Sheriff's Office does NOT charge an adoption fee for any of these animals, however, potential adopters must complete an adoption application and pass a criminal history background check. In addition, an on-site inspection of a potential adopter's facilities will be completed to ensure that an adopted animal can be adequately cared for. The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office also reserves the right to "spot check" any adopted animals for a period of one (1) year to ensure their continuing health and welfare.  Community members needing more information or interested in adopting one of our animals can contact Technician Mariya Leufven at 541-588-0869 or can email their questions and application to

We also encourage you to view additional horses available for adoption at Equine Outreach, Three Sisters Equine Refuge, the Oregon Humane Society, Humane Society of Central Oregon, or Brightside Animal Center.


Wyatt and Jesse:

These two male Nubian goats  are looking for a home. Both Wyatt and Jesse are very friendly and enjoy human companionship. Both are intact males. They have received vaccinations, deworming and have been treated for lice. The boys are approximately 2-5 years old. 

Wyatt and Jesse .jpg

12 Female Goats: 

These 12 female goats are looking for homes. They were all part of a neglect case earlier this year. They have received vaccinations, deworming, and lice treatment. 11 of them are dairy breeds and one is a Boer. All of the females are approximately 2-5 years old. 

 Female Goats 2.jpgFemale Goats 1.jpg

Petal, Rose and Allie:

Petal, Rose and Allie are looking for their forever home. Allie is a mix breed ewe who will be 1 next month. Petal and Rose are older but don’t have any problems keeping with Allie. Allie, Rose and Petal are up to date on deworming, immunizations and will be sheared in the coming months. The girls are looking for a stress free life where they can graze and enjoy Central Oregon. 




Durango is still looking for a home. Durango is no longer a ram and is enjoying his days as a wether. Durango is up do date on his vaccinations and deworming. Durango is approx 2 years old now.




“Goat” came to us earlier this summer as a stray. Goat is an adult Pygmy whether who enjoys the company of other goats. Goat is not a fan of dogs but is respectful of people and keeps his distance. Goat currently spends time with Howard and they seem to get along just fine.




Amira is an early teens Arabian mare that came to us in December of last year after her owner was not able to care for her properly. Amira has had to overcome challenges with her feet and is laminitic. Amira has therapeutic shoes on and will require regular 6-8 weeks farrier work to address her needs. Amira is great in a herd environment and stands for the farrier. Amira enjoys spending time with people and will stand quietly while being groomed.




Gertrude came to us in summer of 2021 as a stray. Gertrude is believed to be about 2 years old and is friendly after she gets to know the person.




Howard came to us as a stray in December of 2021. Howard was underweight and appeared to have a mineral/vitamin deficiency. Howard spent the last 7 months gaining weight and is now ready for his forever home. Howard is very friendly, but in typical whether fashion will try to push on your leg. Howard is approximately 4 years old and can hop over a 4 foot fence with ease so good tall fencing is a must if you plan to adopt Howard.




Thomas was born at the ranch last November and is now ready for his forever home. Thomas is comfortable being around people and will greet you at the gate. Thomas will mature at approximately 600 lbs and therefore needs space to stretch his legs. Thomas gets along with other pigs, goats, and sheep. Thomas is up to date on his vaccinations and was castrated earlier this year.



Tulip and Poppy:

Tulip and Poppy came to us in October of 2021 after they were abandoned. Both Tulip and Poppy are full grown and weigh approximately 600 lbs. Tulip and Poppy are very reserved and will stay away from people unless they know you have food. Tulip came to us pregnant and gave birth to a litter in November of last year. Both Tulip and Poppy received their deworming and vaccinations in November of last year. These girls are older and are looking for a home where they can retire.



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