Animals Available for Adoption

These animals are available for immediate adoption from Deschutes County Sheriff's Office. If you're interested in adopting an animal, please fill out a Livestock Adoption Application. Deschutes County Sheriff's Office does NOT charge an adoption fee for any of these animals, however, potential adopters must complete an adoption application and pass a criminal history background check. In addition, an on-site inspection of a potential adopter's facilities will be completed to ensure that an adopted animal can be adequately cared for. The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office also reserves the right to "spot check" any adopted animals for a period of one (1) year to ensure their continuing health and welfare.  Community members needing more information or interested in adopting one of our animals can contact Technician Mariya Leufven at 541-588-0869 or can email their questions and application to

We also encourage you to view additional horses available for adoption at Equine Outreach, Three Sisters Equine Refuge, the Oregon Humane Society, Humane Society of Central Oregon, or Brightside Animal Center.


Shesa Shiny Olena aka "Molina"

Shesa Shiny Olena or as we call her Molina is 21 year old Quarter horse mare that came to us  in March of this year as part of a neglect case. Molina enjoys human attention and will greet us at the gate. Molina is older and due to the long term neglect she experienced, she has some hind quarter weakness. Even through Molina will need time to fully heal, she seems in good spirits and has been a joy to have around. Molina is close to 16 hands and is a dominant mare by nature. She knows her height  and will assert herself over other horses. Molina is looking for a home where she can retire and spend her days grazing in a pasture.  Milena is up to date on vaccinations, deworming and had her teeth floated in March.

    Shiny O2.jpegShiny O3.jpeg

Strait Docs Frost aka “Atlas”

Strait Docs Frost aka “Atlas” is a 14 year old quarter horse gelding came to us in March of this year as part of a neglect case. Atlas had sever overgrown hooves which caused him pain and discomfort. Over the last few months we worked diligently to rehabilitate Atlas and ensure he won’t have lifelong lameness. Even though Atlas hasn’t had a lot of training or handling in the past, he enjoys being scratched and shows signs of wanting human interaction. Overall, Atlas is comfortable around people but will need training thus an experienced home is a must. Atlas is up to date on his vaccinations and had his teeth floated in April. Due to the severity of his neglect, it is not recommended that Atlas be ridden until he has been cleared by the veterinarian and he no longer has any sensitivity when walking.

Atlas 1.jpegAtlas 2.jpeg



Easter is a 16 year old quarter horse mare who came to us in March of this year as part of a neglect case. Easter is a very sweet mare who is halter broke. Easter does suffer from possible Stringhalt which prohibits her from being ridden. Easter is looking for a retirement type home where she will spend her years on large pasture and has freedom to move around. Easter is up to date on vaccinations and had her teeth floated in March 2024. Easter does have hard time with keeping her hind legs up during trims therefore will need a patient home with a patient farrier. Easter is not a bossy mare and will gladly keep her distance and let other horses run the herd.

Easter.pngShiny O3.jpeg



Smart HighBrow Chex aka ”Bub” a 14 year old quarter horse gelding who is looking for a loving home where he will learn how to be a horse again. Bub was part of the 15 horse neglect case from March of 2024 and was a stallion until he was gelded in April. Bub’s feet were severely neglected and he is learning how to walk with trimmed hooves. Bub is a very smart horse and has come around exceptionally well in the last few months. Bub had his teeth floated in May and will continue to receive on going hoof care. Bub shows signs of past training and can’t W/T/C in the round pen. Bub is still a bit unsure of new people but tends to gravitate towards human interaction. Bub is on the smaller side and is approx 14 hands. Bub is looking for a home that has experience with neglected horses and will be patient with him. 

Bub_1.jpeg Bub_2.jpeg


Enzo is a 6-year-old intact Kunekune boar. He is extremely friendly, gets along with all types of animals and people. Enzo is up to date on deworming and vaccinations.







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