Reporting Graffiti / Illegal Dump Sites

Recently, the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office inmate work crews have been actively involved in the community by removing graffiti from buildings and walls.

They have also been cleaning up large collections of litter from property throughout Deschutes County.


So far this program has been very successful so we are now asking the public for their input. If you are aware of any specific locations where a building, fence or wall has been vandalized with graffiti we would like to know about it. Or, if you are aware of vacant property which has been littered extensively and is of need of cleanup, we would like to know about those locations also.


Please provide your requests by filling in the form below so we can respond.

If it is possible, please include photo(s) showing the extent of the graffiti or litter. Please describe how extensive of clean-up is needed so we can respond with the correct resources.

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