10 Water Safety Lessons

Information to help keep you safe around the water

​1. Learn to Swim

You should learn how to swim BEFORE playing in or around water...this means lakes, rivers, streams, canals and pools.

2. Wear a Lifejacket

Always wear a properly fitting U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket when on a boat...it can not only save your life, it's the law.

3. Learn to float

Learning to float lets you conserve energy while waiting calmly for rescue. Look around for someone nearby and yell for help. Look for something big enough to help keep you afloat.

4. Learn to rescue safely

Learn to rescue others safely. Reach...Throw...Row...Go!

5. Look before you leap

Always look for dangers in the water before jumping in. This means things you CAN see (like other people) and things you CAN'T (like rocks, stumps and the bottom of the pool or river).

6. Don't overload your boat

Don't overload your boat, with people and equipment,a and learn to "balance and counter balance".

7. Stay with your boat

If you fall overboard, stay with your boat. It will help keep you safe and calm, and makes you easier to see to others.

8. Learn the boating rules of the road

There are "rules of the water", for boats and swimmers, just like there are "rules of the road" for cars and drivers,

9. Alcohol, drugs and boating don't mix

Don't drink alcohol or use other drugs while boating, or go with an adult who has been using drugs or alcohol. You or someone else could get hurt...killed.

10. Keep our waterways clean

Would you want to swim or play someplace like this? Don't be a litterbug.

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