Reserve Program

The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Reserve Program has been an invaluable part of the Sheriff’s Office for many years. These volunteers are dedicated, trained citizens, that support and assists Sheriff's Deputies in several ways, including but not limited to:

  • Assisting at the Deschutes County Jail
  • Helping out at special events, including the Sisters Rodeo and Elections Ballot securing and transport
  • Attending public-school activities, including dances and football and basketball games
  • Riding with and covering Deputies on uniformed patrol.
  • Traffic control
  • Marine Patrol
  • Assist Detectives
  • Crime-scene security

Qualification Requirements

  • Age 21 or older
  • United States citizenship
  • High-school diploma (or G.E.D. equivalent)
  • Driver’s license
  • Ability to pass an oral interview, written test and background investigation
  • Ability to volunteer 240 hours per year and participate in required Reserve events

Reserve Training Includes

  • 400+ hours of training at the Central Oregon Reserve Academy, which is recognized statewide and by DPSST
  • Completion of the Field Training Evaluation Program Manu​al (FTEP) with a qualified Field Training Officer (FTO)
  • Training in the use of firearms typically employed by the Sheriff’s Office
  • Training in the Deschutes County Jail
  • Annual and Quarterly training covering a wide variety of law-enforcement skills

Reserve Levels and Duties

  • Level 1: Reserve Deputies who have completed all necessary training, have been recommended by their field training officer and the reserve coordinator for solo patrol status and approved by the Sheriff.
  • Level 2:  Reserve Deputies who have completed the training requirements of level 3. Reserves at this level may operate Sheriff’s Office vehicles, work security at special events and work alone with a level one or two reserve.
  • Level 3:  Reserve Deputies who have completed training requirements of level 4. Reserves at this level begin practicing the training and experience gained during levels 4 and 5.  These Reserves are still required to work with regular deputies.
  • Level 4:  These are Reserve Recruits who have completed the training requirements of a level 5 recruit.  Primary function is to continue training through observing regular deputies and other members of the Sheriff’s Office.  Uniforms and Sheriff’s Office identification will be issued.
  • Level 5:  These are Reserve Recruits and as so have no police powers or authority. Uniforms, if issued will not be worn.  Sheriff’s Office identification will not be issued.
    Many Reserve Deputies go on to a full-time career in law enforcement. But even if you aren’t considering a career, the Reserve program at DCSO provides an incredible chance to serve your community by training for and engaging in law enforcement on a professional basis.For information on joining the Reserves, contact the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office at (541) 388-6655.
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