​File a Report or Request Public Records

The Deschutes County Sheriff's office now ​offers the ability to fil​e a police report and/or public records request online. Please use the options below to inquire more.

Request a Public Record

Public Records may be requested online by filling out our Records Request Form.

Are there any fees for obtaining a copy of a record?

Yes. Our current fee for a police report is $20 for the first 8 pages and $1.00 a page after 8 pages. Most reports are less than 8 pages. ​Fees are determined per ORS 192.324(4)(a). You will be notified if your request is subject to a fee. Records will not be provided until fee is paid in full.

Please call our Records Division at (541) 388-6655 to inquire about fees for reports, photographs or other police records pertaining to your specific request.

If you are requesting a waiver or reduction of fees, you will need to provide detailed information demonstrating how the release of records primarily benefits the general public, as opposed to benefitting a specific person or entity. Also, please explain you ability to disseminate the records broadly to the public. All requests for a waiver can be emailed to SOLegal@deschutes.org.

Are all Records Releasable?

No. There are exemptions from disclosure that include, but are not limited to those outlined in ORS 192 and 181A. Even if the records you request are releasable, there still may be some redactions to the records. Various redactions include, but are not limited to: residential address, residential telephone number, personal electronic mail, personal cellular number, SSN, DOB, etc.

How Long Does it Take to Receive the Records I have Requested?

The records are processed in the order they are received. The timeliness of the records release will depend on staffing, volume and the size of the release you are requesting. Our obligation is to fulfill your request as soon as practical and without unreasonable delay. Please allow up to 21 days for processing, especially if you have a time sensitive need for the record, such as a court date.

File a Report

Police Reports may be filed online through our Police Report Form.

Please be aware, online reporting is available for specific incidents with no known suspects. If there is a known suspect in your incident, or your incident is not included in the list of options, please call dispatch at (541) 693-6911. Help us focus on our community's needs; filing false reports is a crime.

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