Inmate Telephone Services

Deschutes County contracts with Telmate to provide telephone services for our inmate population. Inmates are able to make collect calls or establish a pre-paid account to fund their calls.


Telmate allows three ways to transfer money to any inmate's pre-paid account.

  1. Friends and family can add money to an inmate’s account using the Telmate Kiosks located in the lobby and Inmate Services area of the facility. Money can be added to the inmate​'s account using a credit or debit card and cash.
  2. Funds can be added 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via the Telmate website: pay.telmate.com
  3. Friends and family can call Telmate Customer Service at 866-516-0115.


Inmate Voice Mail

Friends and family can leave a voice mail message for inmates 24/7 for about the price of a local call. Call 866-516-0115 and follow the automated instructions.

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