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Tues, 31 Jan 2017

Immigration: OSSA Legal Analysis

Many Oregon residents are asking their local Sheriff how President Trump’s January 25, 2017 Executive Order on Immigration will change local practices. The Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association provides the following analysis of this complex issue. The answer, at least in the short term, is that immediate changes to police practices are unlikely.

Click here for full article on OSSA Website

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 22:51:32 PST

Rescue at Smith Rock (Photo)

Date: 02/17/2018

Time: 1733 hours

Reporting person Richmond, Caitlin - 32 yo Female Bend, Oregon

Rescued: Bedell, Samuel - 30 yo male Bend, Oregon

On 02/17/2018, at about 1733 hours, 911 Dispatch received a report of a male who had fallen at Smith Rock. The reporting person, Caitlin Richmond, advised her husband, Bedell, sustained an injury that would require a rescue to get him out of the lower gorge near the north point parking lot at Smith Rock State Park.

Redmond Fire and Rescue and 20 DCSOSAR volunteers with two DCSOSAR Deputies responded to the scene. Bedell was located on a small ledge below a vertical cliff after falling an unknown distance. A vertical rope system was set up while Bedell's injuries were being accessed. Bedell was packaged into a litter which was then raised up a distance of about 40 feet.

It was learned Bedell was in a group of six that had crossed the river to save time and distance in getting back to the main parking lot. The group was attempting to locate a ladder in this area to gain access to the top of the cliff when Bedell fell. The fall was not witnessed. Bedell was looking for the ladder at the time he fell.

Bedell was transported to St Charles Hospital in Bend with non-life threatening injuries.

Fri, 16 Feb 2018 15:30:25 PST

**Update** DCSO Investigating Two Incidents at High Desert Middle School Today (Photo)

**Updated on February 16, 2018 at 3:30pm by Sgt. William Bailey**

Deputies and Detectives have been working on the two incidents at High Desert Middle School since yesterday afternoon. We have since interviewed numerous students about these incidents and based on our investigation we have determined the following:

The first incident involving the fire alarm being activated was a single student who acted alone and this was not related to the later incident. This student has been disciplined by school administration and temporarily removed from school. He has also been cited and released to his parents on one count of Disorderly Conduct I.

The incident involving the second student's behavior was determined to be verbal threats of violence at the school and involved the use of a firearm. This information was brought forward by other students to school administration officials. These threats were made approximately twenty minutes after the activation of the fire alarm. Subsequent searches of the school grounds determined that although the student implied he possessed a firearm, no firearm was in his possession or ever on the school grounds. This student has been disciplined by school administration and DCSO investigators have cited and released him to his parents on the charges of Disorderly Conduct I and Harassment.

While we were investigating these incidents, we took every precaution to keep students safe. We increased our presence at the school and assigned DCSO Detectives to assist with the
investigation. We understand the public's desire for information in these types of cases and have been working to release accurate and verified information as quickly as we can to the public. Based on our investigation, there was never an actual threat to the safety of students and staff at High Desert Middle School.

End of Update


Released by: Sgt. William Bailey

Release Date: February 15, 2018 at 5:40pm

Occurred Date: February 15, 2018 at 11:20am & 11:40am


This afternoon, the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office responded to the High Desert Middle School in Bend regarding two separate and unrelated incidents involving student behavior.

The first involved a middle school aged male student who activated a fire alarm within the school. Students were evacuated from the school in response to the fire alarm, but no actual fire had occurred.

The second incident involved a separate middle school aged male student that engaged in inappropriate behavior amongst his peers, which caused them concern.

Both students have been disciplined by school administration and removed temporarily from school. Both incidents are still being investigated, but at this time we have no reason to believe there is any danger to students. We will continue working with our school district partners to ensure the safety of the students in our schools.

Wed, 14 Feb 2018 14:53:03 PST

**Updated** Scammers Portraying Themselves as Deschutes County Sheriff's Deputies Indicted on Federal Wire Fraud Conspiracy Charges

*** Update to Previous Press Release ***

Press Release from United States Attorney Beth Drake in the District of South Carolina

February 13, 2018


Follow us on Twitter: @USAO_SC

CONTACT PERSON: Winston David Holliday, Jr.
Assistant U.S. Attorney
(803) 920-6097

Georgia Prisoner Pleads Guilty to Phone Scam

Columbia, South Carolina ---- United States Attorney Beth Drake stated today that Jay Byron Wright, age 42, of the Calhoun State Prison in Morgan, Georgia, pled guilty to Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud, a violation of Title 18, United States Code, § 1349. Judge Mary Geiger Lewis accepted the plea and will sentence Wright at a later date.

Evidence presented at the hearing established that Jay Byron Wright and other prisoners called citizens of Oregon using a cell phone smuggled into their prison, told the Oregonians they were in contempt of court for not showing up for jury duty, and that they owed the court money. The Oregonians could pay this money by obtaining Money Pak Green Dot cards for the specified value and providing the numbers on the cards to the callers. The numbers gave the callers access to the value on the card, which could then be transferred onto other Green Dot cards. At least three people in Oregon fell for this scam, and they transferred values slightly less than $1,000 to cards used by various co-conspirators in South Carolina.
The maximum penalty faced by Wright is imprisonment for twenty years, with a potential fine up to $250,000.

The Deschutes County (Oregon) Sheriff's Office and SLED (South Carolina) investigated the case. Assistant United States Attorney Winston David Holliday, Jr., of the Columbia office is prosecuting the case.

End of Update

From late 2015 through early 2017, the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office has been investigating reports of various telephone scams targeting Deschutes County citizens. Since then, Deschutes County Sheriff's Office Detectives followed many investigative leads around the country and presented their findings to the United States Attorney's Office in Columbia, South Carolina. Today, the United States Attorney's Office and a Deschutes County Sheriff's Office Detective obtained a Federal Criminal Indictment charging:

Jay Baron Wright, Sr., 42, an inmate at the Calhoun State Prison (GA)
Christine Wright, 24, of Windsor, South Carolina
Barbara Lynn Clayton, 43 of Windsor, South Carolina

With Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud (18 U.S.C. § 1349).

It is believed that Jay Baron Wright, Sr., and possibly another Georgia prison inmates allegedly used contraband cellular telephones from inside Jimmy Autry State Prison (Pelham, GA) to access Internet websites to identify the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of potential fraud victims. Using the cellular telephones, the inmates called the victims. During these calls, the they made certain false representations to the victims, including: (a) that he was a Deschutes County law enforcement official; (b) that the potential victims had unlawfully failed to appear for jury duty; (c) that because the potential victims had failed to appear for jury duty, warrants had been issued for the victims' arrest; and (d) that the potential victims had a choice of being arrested on the warrants or pay fines to have the arrest warrants dismissed. To make the calls seem real, the inmates created fictitious voicemail greetings on their contraband cellular telephones, identifying themselves as members of the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office.

Unfortunately, several of our Deschutes County citizens made payment believing it would be used to pay the fine for failing to appear for jury duty and would result in the dismissal of the arrest warrant. For those victims who chose the "fine", the inmates instructed them to purchase pre-paid cash cards and provide the account number of the cash card.

After a victim provided an inmate with the account number of the pre-paid cash card, the inmates then used their contraband cellular telephones to contact the co-conspirators (Christina Wright and Barbara Clayton), who were not incarcerated, to have them transfer the money from the cash card purchased by the victims to a pre-paid debit card possessed by the co-conspirators. Next, the co-conspirators withdrew the victim's money, which had been transferred to the pre-paid debit card they controlled, via an automated teller machine or at a retail store. Typically, the co-conspirators then laundered the stolen money by purchasing a new cash card so that the victims' funds could be transferred back to the inmates.

During our investigation, Deschutes County Sheriff's Office Detectives located additional victims in Colorado, Kentucky and Virginia.

The Sheriff's Office wants the public to know they should never send someone money without verifying the information they are being provided first. It is not common practice for the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office to advise a citizen they have a warrant over the phone. In most cases a citizen with a warrant will be contacted in person, and the Deputy will have proper credentials when serving the warrant.

Sheriff Nelson said, "I am so proud of Sgt. Vander Kamp and everyone else who worked on this case. These types of cases can be time intensive and extremely difficult to investigate. Scams come in many different forms and being able to follow the leads and get this indictment is outstanding. Because of hard work and partnerships with other law enforcement agencies, these scammers will be held accountable."

An investigation of the complexity required partnerships with other Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies from around the United States. The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office and the United State Attorney's Office -- South Carolina received investigative assistance from:

Oregon State Police -- Bend
Oregon Department of Justice -- Criminal Division
South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED)
United States Marshal Service (Atlanta, GA)
Pueblo County (CO) Sheriff's Office
Albemarle County (VA) Sheriff's Office
Douglas County (GA) Sheriff's Office
Kentucky State Police

This investigation is on-going and more indictments and arrests are anticipated. Please contact Sgt. Kent Vander Kamp (541-693-6911) if you were a victim of this particular "warrant" scam and have not yet reported your loss.

Tue, 13 Feb 2018 11:46:40 PST

Deschutes County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue Locates Lost/Broken Down Motorist

Date: 02/13/18
By: Lt. Bryan Husband, Special Services Coordinator

Lost Subject: Jessica Hall, 21 year old Redmond female

Reporting Party: Rita Hall, 55 year old Redmond female

On 02/12/18, at about 7:31 pm, the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office received a report from Rita Hall that she had received a text message from her daughter, Jessica Hall, stating her vehicle had broken down in an unknown forested location in Deschutes County and needed assistance. Rita had received her daughter's text at about 4:02 pm, which included an attempt at describing her location. Rita attempted to locate her daughter without success, at which time she requested assistance from the Sheriff's Office. It should be noted, Jessica's cell phone had also died during this initial search period. With temperatures expected to be near zero degrees in the high mountain areas, a search was initiated immediately.

Seven Deschutes County Sheriff's Office Deputies began searching for Jessica in and around the Lava Butte/Benham Falls area, where she had described her location (as she believed it to be) to her mother in the text. The Sheriff's Office was also assisted by the US Forest Service, Sunriver Police Dept and Bend Police Dept, who searched other possible locations. Jessica's cell phone was pinged, but returned with a possible radius of over nine miles. Deschutes County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue was contacted and began working with cell phone data to narrow the search area. As this process took place, Deputies and Officers continued to search through the night and early morning hours.

17 DCSO SAR Volunteers were dispatched to various search areas including Skyliner Rd, Cascade Lakes Hwy, USFS 41 Rd and the Lava Butte/Benham Falls area. On 02/13/18, at about 7:15 am, Jessica Hall was located by DCSO SAR Volunteers with her vehicle on a spur road, just north of the Cascade Lakes Hwy and approximately 5 miles west of Bend. Jessica was cold, but otherwise in good condition. Jessica's vehicle battery had died as well as her cell phone and was staying bundled up inside of her vehicle, in the hope that someone would locate her. Jessica did not require medical attention and she was provided a courtesy transport to her Mother's residence.

The Sheriff's Office would like to remind those venturing into less traveled areas to tell someone where they are going and to carry basic survival gear with them. If you find yourself in a situation where you are lost and have cell service, we recommend you call 911 before your cell phone battery dies. This may assist searchers in getting a better location to begin searching.

Mon, 12 Feb 2018 17:01:24 PST

Overnight Burglary in Terrebonne ***Updated*** (Photo)

****Updated on February 12, 2018 at 5:00pm by Sgt. William Bailey****

Detectives have been working since February 7th, following up on leads and collecting information in this case. Today, DCSO Detectives located a 17 year old male suspect in the case and have cited him in lieu of custody for the following crimes: Burglary II, Theft II and Criminal Mischief I.

Detectives are continuing their attempts to identify the other two suspects in the case and will provide further updates as they become available.

****End of Update****

Released by: Sgt. William Bailey
Public Information Officer

Release Date: February 7, 2018


On February 7, 2018, at 2:35am, deputies with the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office were dispatched to an audible burglary alarm at Ferguson's Market in Terrebonne; 8150 N. Highway 97. Arriving deputies found the front door had been smashed and entry had been made into the business. Deputies searched the interior of Ferguson's Market, but the suspects had already fled the scene.

K9 Masa and her handler Deputy Ben Bartness responded to the location and were able to track the unknown suspects to the southwest from the business. However, the track was lost in the area of the Rustic Ranch Mobile Park; 8045 N Highway 97.

Deputies have worked with the Ferguson's Market to obtain video surveillance from the burglary. We are releasing three still images with the hope the public can assist us with identifying and locating the suspects.

The suspects are described as three unknown males believed to be in their teens or early 20's. All three were wearing long sleeved shirts, shorts, hats and had masks covering their faces. If the public has any information about this burglary or can assist us with identifying any of the suspects in the surveillance images, they are asked to call non-emergency dispatch at 541-693-6911, reference case 18-36444.

Additionally, we would like to thank the Redmond Police Department for their assistance last night during the investigation.

Mon, 12 Feb 2018 14:07:02 PST

Lt Tim Leak to Retire from DCSO effective February 28

Released by: Sgt. William Bailey
Public Information Officer

Release Date: February 12, 2018


On November 27, 2017, Deschutes County Human Resources received notice from Lt. Tim Leak of his intent to retire effective February 28th, 2018.

The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office has since come to a separation and settlement agreement (release of claims) with Leak. Both the Sheriff's Office and Leak have agreed to a release of claims and neither party will file a lawsuit against the other. As a part of the agreement, the Sheriff's Office will administratively close the internal affairs investigation into Leak.

Sheriff Nelson said, "People who do not fall in line with the Mission and Values of this office will not work here. This agreement is in the best interests of the citizens we work for. This is a business decision I have made to end this matter and continue to move the Sheriff's Office forward. We are learning from our past and following the course we have charted for the future."

Leak has been on administrative leave since May 17, 2016. His salary while on administrative leave was $238,161.71. He will receive $33,330.00 under the terms of the settlement agreement.

Mon, 12 Feb 2018 13:58:27 PST

Assault in NE Redmond area under investigation ***UPDATE***

**Updated February 12, 2018 at 1:45pm by Sgt. William Bailey**

The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office Detective Division has conducted further interviews in this case and has determined this was an isolated incident. Further, Detectives learned the suspects were known to the victim and the victim has chosen not to cooperate with the investigation at this time.

We do not anticipate releasing any further information regarding this incident.

****End of Update****

Date/ Time of release: 2/9/18 at 3:15 p.m.

Date of occurrence: 2/6/18

Time of occurrence: 3:00 a.m.

Location: 1800 block of NE Maple Avenue, Redmond, Oregon

Victim: 30 year old male, name withheld for safety reasons
Redmond, Oregon


On 2/6/18 at 3:00 a.m., Deputies from the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office were dispatched to a reported assault in the 1800 block of NE Maple Avenue, northeast of Redmond.

Deputies located a thirty year old male, who had been assaulted on NE Maple Avenue, near the High Desert Sports Complex. The male was transported by medics to St. Charles -- Redmond for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. He was released from St. Charles the following day. No suspects were located following an extensive search of the area.

The investigation determined the victim was assaulted by more than one suspect. The identity of the suspects are unknown at this time. The victim's name is being withheld for safety reasons.

The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office Detective Division is currently investigating this assault and there is no risk to the safety of the public. Anyone with information on this case is asked to contact the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office at 541-693-6911.

Sun, 11 Feb 2018 21:25:01 PST

Assault north of Bend sends one man to jail; one man to hospital with serious injuries

Prepared by: Lt. Mike Biondi

Date/time: 02/11/2018 at 4:53 p.m.

Arrested: Planteen, Matthew - 34 year old male - Bend, Oregon


Attempted Murder - $250,000
Assault I - $100,000
Kidnapping I - $100,000
Unlawful Use of a Weapon - $10,000
Attempted Escape I - $10,000
Tampering With Evidence - $5,000
Resisting Arrest - $5,000

Total bail: $480,000

Victim: Trask, Terry - 63 year old male - Bend, Oregon

On 02/11/2018 at about 4:53 p.m. deputies from the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office responded to the 64000 block of the Old Bend-Redmond Hwy for a reported assault. Upon arrival, deputies found Trask had been assaulted by Planteen.

During the investigation, deputies learned Trask and Planteen were roommates and had a disagreement the previous day over Planteen moving out. Planteen reportedly assaulted Trask with a hammer at about 3:30 a.m. while he was asleep in bed. After the initial assault, Planteen drug Trask around the house while continuing to strike him with the hammer. Trask was finally able to get access to his phone and call his friends around 4:00 p.m. Upon arriving at the Trask/Planteen home, the friends, realizing what had taken place, called 911 armed themselves with a baseball bat and held Planteen at bay until deputies arrived.

Trask was transported via ground ambulance to Saint Charles Medical Center - Bend with serious injuries. Planteen was arrested on the above listed charges and lodged at the Deschutes County Jail.

Sun, 11 Feb 2018 16:20:21 PST

Central Oregon SCAM Alert (Photo)

Released by: Sgt. William Bailey
Public Information Officer

Release Date: February 11, 2018


The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office would like to again warn the citizens of Central Oregon of the ongoing warrant scam hitting our area. We have received several calls over weekend from community members who have been contacted by a subject who identifies himself as "Detective Garcia with the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office" and asks for money to clear up a warrant issued after missing jury duty. We have also received other information two other names of actual current deputies are being used. Familiar names like "Lt. Husband" and "Sgt. Bailey" are also being used by scammers to convince our community members these phone calls are legitimate.

Law enforcement will never contact a citizen and ask for money to clear up a warrant or any other legal matter. If a citizen has a warrant, a member of a law enforcement agency will likely contact you in person and have the proper credentials to identify themselves. Citizens should always be skeptical of any situation where an unfamiliar person is asking for money over the telephone.

The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office would like to ask community members to share this scam information with others. Unfortunately, we have had community members fall victim to this scam in the past and we would like to prevent anyone else from falling victim in the future. Consider talking with a neighbor, calling a friend or family member and/or sharing this information on social media. The best way to prevent someone falling victim to this scam is through education.

We would also ask if you have recently received a similar scam phone call and haven't already shared that information with us, please call non-emergency dispatch at 541-693-6911 and ask to speak to a deputy.

Thu, 01 Feb 2018 10:32:54 PST

Two DCSO Patrol K9's now Cross Trained in Drug Detection (Photo)

Released by: Sgt. William Bailey
Public Information Officer

Release Date: February 1, 2018


The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office would like to announce two of our three Patrol K9's are now cross trained in drug detection.

Deputy Jeremiah Johnson with K9 Ezel and Deputy Ben Bartness with K9 Masa recently spent four weeks participating in intensive in-service training to achieve this accomplishment. K9 Ezel and K9 Masa are now certified through the Oregon Police Canine Association (OPCA) in both tracking and drug detection. The OPCA establishes minimum requirements for each K9 Team and our teams recertify once each year.

The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office would also like to recognize our very own drug detection K9 handler Deputy Stacy Crawford. Deputy Crawford is a Master Trainer and Vice President of OPCA. Deputy Crawford developed the training plan and spearheaded the drug detection training which our K9's participated in this past month. Additionally, Deputy Crawford assisted with training a new drug detection K9 with the Redmond Police Department.

The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office currently has four K9 Teams that serve the citizens of Deschutes County.

For more information about the Oregon Police Canine Association, visit their website at http://www.opca.com/.

Wed, 31 Jan 2018 16:57:07 PST

DCSO Personnel Actions *Correction*

**Correction - The last sentence if the second paragraph is corrected to:

"It is Sheriff Nelson's hope this action is sufficient enough to ensure this supervisor will be in compliance with the high expectations of this office."

Released by: Sergeant William Bailey
Public Information Officer

Date: January 31, 2018

Today the following personnel actions were taken by Sheriff L. Shane Nelson.

Sheriff Nelson terminated Eric Kozowski's employment with the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office based on internal investigations which concluded that conduct by Mr. Kozowski violated Sheriff's Office policies. Kozowski was placed on paid administrative leave on September 24, 2017. Mr. Kozowski has a right to due process and Sheriff Nelson will release additional information from the investigations after the separation process is complete.

Sheriff Nelson has also come to a determination based on the outcome of the internal affairs investigation into Corrections Sergeant Mike Molan. Sheriff Nelson has concluded personnel action will be taken against Sgt. Molan. Personnel action includes time off from work, additional training, and increased supervision; all with the goal of his future success. It is Sheriff Nelson's hope this action is sufficient enough to ensure this supervisor will be remain in compliance with the high expectations of this office.

Sheriff Nelson states, "I expect members of the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office to adhere to the mission and values of this office. I will continue to enforce the highest standards of professionalism and conduct at the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office."

Tue, 23 Jan 2018 21:13:17 PST

Lost Snowshoers Rescued at Dutchman Flat (Photo)

RELEASED BY: Dep Jim Whitcomb, Assistant DCSO Search and Rescue Coordinator

LOCATION: Dutchman Flat

OCCURRED: January 23, 2018 at 1645 hours


Melissa Schneider 31 yof Bend, Oregon

Doniree Walker 34 yof Portland, Oregon

Jillian Seaman 32 yof Portland, Oregon


On 01/23/2018 at about 1645 hours, Deschutes County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue was dispatched to a report of a subject that snowshoed to Todd Lake from the Dutchman Snow Park parking lot, then became lost on the way back and was being slowed down by a broken snowshoe.

Dispatch was able to provide the GPS coordinates of the snowshoer following the 911 call that was made which placed the snowshoer on the Big Meadow trail, north of Dutchman Loop trail.

Phone contact was made by a DCSOSAR Deputy to the snowshoer identified as Melissa Schneider to inform her of her location and distance from Dutchman Snow Park; about 1.25 miles. It was then learned Schneider knew she was on a ski/snowshoe trail and was with two other snowshoers; Doniree Walker and Jillian Seaman.

Schneider advised they were too tired to continue and they were getting cold. After learning the time delay of approximately an hour in getting DCSOSAR volunteers to their area by snowmobile, it was decided Schneider and party would continue on the trail they were on to help stay warm with the intention of snowshoeing to Dutchman Flat with plans to call back if needed. Schneider was instructed to call back in 30 minutes to provide an update. Schneider was instructed to place her cell phone in airplane mode in the meantime to save the battery which was at 26%.

At about 1720 hours, Schneider called 911 back to advise they could no longer see the trail and they were standing in an open field. Phone contact was made again by a DCSOSAR Deputy. Schneider then stated they could not go any further as it was too dark to see and wanted assistance back to the Dutchman parking lot. Schneider's phone battery was now showing 11%.

Three DCSOSAR Volunteers responded to the location on snowmobiles and located the subjects at about 1900 hours. The snowshoers were very cold, but otherwise fine. Schneider and party were transported to the Dutchman parking lot; a distance of about 3/4 of a mile without incident.

It was learned the snowshoers started from Dutchman at noon and became lost at about 1600 hours. The snowshoers' map was a picture on a cell phone which later died. They had no illumination other than a cell phone, two of which had died, no water or backpack with extra supplies. DCSOSAR volunteers were able to see the dim light from the groups remaining cell phone that was being held up in the air. The remaining cell battery was at 1%.

The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office would like to remind those who recreate in the back country to ensure they have with them the Ten Essentials;

1. NAVIGATION: cell phone, GPS, Map extra batteries
3. INSULATION: extra clothing, protection from the cold ground
4. ILLUMINATION: Headlamp or flashlight, with extra batteries.
6. FIRE: Waterproof matches, butane lighter or candle stubs, plus fire-starting materials (paste, etc.). Do NOT depend on making a fire in bad weather!
8. NUTRITION: High energy, no-cook foods, such as high-carb energy bars. Carry at least 200 calories for every hour you will expect to be out.
9. HYDRATION: Extra water; take at least 1 liter for short outings and at least 2.5 liters for longer excursions.
10. EMERGENCY SHELTER: A Space blanket or bright plastic tarp (9' x 12') and a few large plastic trash bags. Bring something to insulate you from the ground. You cannot dig a snow cave without a shovel, and you should not sit/sleep on snow with¬out an insulating pad

Sat, 20 Jan 2018 22:57:11 PST

Brookswood Pursuit


Brookswood Pursuit

Released by: Sgt. Aaron Harding

Location: Brookswood Blvd / Poplar St.

Occurred: January 20, 2018, 5:52 PM

Suspect Driver: Daniel James Wallace, 34 years of age, Bend, Oregon.

Charges: Attempt to Elude, Reckless Driving, Reckless Endangering.

Passenger: Chase Lingo Swafford, 47 years of age, Bend, Oregon.

Charges: Warrant.

Vehicle: 1990 Toyota Celica, white.

NARRATIVE: On January 20, 2018 at about 5:52 pm, a Deschutes County Deputy observed a white 1990 Toyota Celica run a stop sign at Baker Rd and Brookswood Blvd. The deputy attempted to conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle in the area of Brookswood Blvd and Poplar Street. The vehicle fled eastbound on Poplar Street in an attempt to elude the deputy. A short pursuit ensued with speeds between 32 mph and 42 mph ending in the area of Cultus Drive and Ponderosa Street. The driver stopped, exited the vehicle, and fled on foot.

A passenger who remained in the vehicle, Chase Lingo Swafford, was arrested for an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

Deputies were assisted by the Oregon State Police, Bend Police and a Bend Police K9 in a search for the suspect driver, but he was not located.

Deputies were able to identify the driver as Mr. Daniel James Wallace through their investigation.

The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office would like to encourage anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Mr. Wallace to call the non-emergency line at (541) 693-6911.

Deschutes County Sheriff 2016

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