Traffic Safety

Traffic continues to be one of the major concerns of the citizens of Deschutes County. The Sheriff’s Office actively enforces traffic violators and will provide additional traffic patrol for DUI detection and seat belt enforcement.

We have also participated as a member of the Multi-Agency Traffic (MAT) team and provided selected enforcement to areas of concern within Deschutes County.

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Traffic Complaints


Call the non-emergency number, 541-693-6911, for other complaints.

What Should I Do When I Observe a Driver that I Believe to be a Threat to Other Drivers?

We need citizens to report their concerns to 911, if it appears to be an emergency. The Sheriff’s Office will routinely receive information of possible intoxicated drivers and because of citizen involvement we have been successful in locating and arresting impaired drivers.

Information needed:

  • Your name and phone number
  • Your location (Road, nearest cross street or milepost, direction of travel)
  • Suspect vehicle description (color, make, model, license plate)
  • Driver description (male/female, race, approximate age, clothing, hair, etc.)
  • Passenger description(s)
  • Unsafe actions (what did they do?)

If possible, continue to follow at a safe distance and speed. Do not endanger yourself or others in an attempt to follow the suspect vehicle. Do not confront the suspect vehicle. Stay on the phone with the dispatcher until they tell you to hang up.

If the violation is minor and there is no Probable Cause for the officer to arrest you may be asked if you are willing to sign a traffic citation against the offending driver. If a Deputy does not witness the traffic violation, he cannot cite the offending driver, unless it is a serious traffic crime such as DUII or reckless driving. If you chose to sign a traffic citation against the offending driver, the Deputy will complete the citation and deliver it to the offending driver. You may be required to appear in court later to testify against the offending driver.

What Can I Do About Speeding Motorists in my Neighborhood?

For ongoing traffic complaints, such as in your neighborhood, call the non-emergency number, 541-693-6911, and make a report. The Sheriff’s Office is open to this type of complaints and we can take the information for extra patrol. The deputies could, as time permits, provide additional patrol coverage to these areas of concern.

We also have several Radar Cars at our disposal and we try to rotate them throughout the county to provide a visual deterrent and a reminder to the motorists of specific speed zones.

To be placed on a list for deployment of the Radar car, call during business hours at 541-388-6655.

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