The Patrol Division is responsible for patrolling and responding to calls for service, both emergency and non-emergency, throughout Deschutes County. There are Patrol Deputies on duty 24-hours a day, every day of the year. They cover over 3000 square miles of varied terrain, from city streets, to the high desert and the Cascade Mountains. Two major highways run through Deschutes County, Highway 97 and Highway 20, as well as a number of roads and recreation areas that receive a high volume of traffic. The Patrol Division budget for ​2023 is $​14,640,315.

Deschutes County Sheriff’s Deputies are responsible for areas outside of the City of Bend, the City of Redmond, the Sunriver Service District and the Black Butte Ranch Service District. The City of Sisters is patrolled by Deschutes County Sheriff’s Deputies under a contract with the City of Sisters.

Responsibilities of the Patrol Division include

  • Responding to emergency and non-emergency calls for service
  • Investigating criminal activity and reported crimes
  • Enforcement of traffic laws
  • Prevention of crime by the use of community interaction and visible patrols
  • Serving subpoenas, restraining/stalking orders, civil papers and other court orders
  • Assisting the Criminal Investigations Division (Detectives)
  • Assisting the Special Services Division (SAR, Forest Patrol, Marine Patrol, OHV Patrol)

The Patrol Division works closely with the other law enforcement agencies in Deschutes County, including the Bend Police Department, the Redmond Police Department, the Sunriver Police Department, the Black Butte Ranch Police Department, the Oregon State Police and US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management Law Enforcement. Additionally we work with the surrounding county Sheriff’s Offices and provide assistance to fire departments, the Deschutes County Road Department and the Oregon Department of Transportation.

Deschutes County is divided into four Patrol Districts, with Deputies assigned to each district. The Patrol Districts are the Bend District (Bend area), the North District (Redmond area), the South District (La Pine area), and the West District (Sisters area).

The Patrol Division is divided into four Patrol Teams. Each team consists of a Lieutenant, two Sergeants and nine Deputies. Patrol Teams work a rotating 12-hour schedule which provides 24-hour coverage throughout the county. The Deputies are divided among the Patrol Districts. Typically, there are two Deputies assigned to the North, Local and South Districts and one Deputy assigned to the West District. The Patrol Deputies operate out of our Main Station in Bend, and our Sub-Stations in La Pine and Terrebonne.

Deschutes County Sheriff 2016

Adult Jail

(541) 388-6661

Main Office

63333 West Hwy 20
Bend, OR. 97703

(541) 388-6655
(541) 693-6911 (Non-emergency after hours)

Monday - Friday 8-5pm

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