The Civil Unit processes, serves and enforces court orders and other documents associated with court cases. In addition, the Civil Unit executes real property judicial foreclosure sales, personal property sales and vehicle impound releases.
Requirements for Service of Documents:
In order for the Civil Unit to process and serve your court filed documents, we need the following:

  • All service documents must be accompanied by our request for service form, or a letter of instruction. To print the request for service form, use these links. English / Spanish
  • Appropriate service fee paid by check, money order (made out to: DCSO), or credit card/debit card payment. Exact cash is only accepted at the main Sheriff’s office civil window. See section for Civil Service Fees for costs.
  • Two copies of the documents that you would like us to serve.
  • Please ensure that all documents have your case number on them where required. We are not authorized to alter any court documents.

What documents to serve? Please understand that we cannot advise you on what documents need to be served or filed, verify this information with the court or your attorney.
Accepted Documents:
Our Civil Unit only serves court filed documents and subpoenas, we are not able to serve letters or notices that are not associated with an open court case. We do not have forms at our office and are unable to advise you what forms to file. However, below is a link to all forms and instructions available through the circuit courts in the State of Oregon.

Domestic Relations: Divorce, custody, adoption, name change.

  • Summons, Petitions, Modifications, Enforcement and other documents.

Small Claims: Claim & Notice of Claim 

Civil Cases: Summons, Complaint, Modifications and other documents.
Evictions: Eviction Summons & Complaint, Notice of Restitution, Writ of Execution on Judgment of Restitution.

  • All eviction cases come with specific statutory requirements and timelines.
  • Summons & Complaint: Must be served or posted at the residence by 5pm the next judicial day. It is important that the Civil Unit receives these documents the day you have filed or are assigned a hearing date, so that we can meet this service requirement.
  • Notice of Restitution: Must be served or posted at the residence by 5pm the next judicial day. It is important that the Civil Unit receives this document the day the court issues it, so that we can meet this service requirement.
  • Writ of Execution on Judgment of Restitution: Once issued, the petitioner must bring this to the Sheriff’s main office and we will schedule a date and time for the removal of the tenants from the property. As part of the execution of this order, we will issue a trespass notice which will be served and/or posted at the property.

Enforcement Writs & Orders: Writ of Garnishment, Writ of Execution, Writ of Assistance, Order of Assistance

  • These documents require specific instructions and a deposit in advance of the execution. Please see ORS Chapter 18, and contact the Civil Unit for further instruction and fees.

Protection Orders: FAPA Restraining Order, Temporary Stalking Order, Final Stalking Order, Sexual Abuse Prevention Order, Extreme Risk Protection Order, Elderly/Disabled Persons Restraining Order

Protection order petitions need to be completed and submitted at the Deschutes County Circuit Court by 11:00am for a same day hearing.
If the judge grants your protection order, the court clerk will electronically send the Civil Unit your protection order for service to the respondent. They will be processed and sent out for service on the day it is received. If the respondent lives out of Deschutes County, the Civil Unit will coordinate with that county or state for service of the order.
Protection orders are a high priority for service. However, it may take several days or several weeks to serve a respondent depending on the following:

  • A respondent may actively avoid service. Protection orders do not give law enforcement the authority to force entry into a residence. If there is no answer at the residence or place of employment we will leave a message to contact us for civil papers.
  • Deputies must respond to emergency 911 calls which can keep them busy and unavailable to attempt to locate the respondent at any given time.

For service notification, we suggest that you complete the electronic notification form that the court supplies with the petition packet. This notification system will generate a text and/or email to you immediately after service.
Contact non-emergency dispatch at 541-693-6911 option 5, to speak with a deputy about the service of your protection order and any new information on where the respondent is at that moment. The Civil Unit will not know if the order is served for at least a day after service, and sometimes up to a few days.
Contact the Civil Unit at 541-388-6640 if you have information that the respondent has moved outside of Deschutes County.
Legal Assistance:
The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office and the Civil Unit cannot give legal advice, what documents to file, what forms or procedures to use, or recommending the services of a specific attorney. Below are some recommendations if you should need legal assistance.

Civil Unit Contact Information:
Address: 63333 W Hwy 20, Bend, OR 97703
Phone: 541-388-6640
Fax: 541-389-1928


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